All about Point of View

What is Pov?

Pov is the shortened form of Point of View and is a movie technique which gives viewers the feeling to be the protagonist in a scene. Thus a special emotional connection with the action in the film is created, since the spectator sees itself automatically as part of the scene. This technology is used also more frequently in pornographic films, where the consumer easily become part of a fantasy. This kind of films is called pov and enjoys increasing popularity and might also be, with which the youth associates the term.

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The popularity of this technology has its origin in that 1966 appeared film Blowup, whose producer used the Point of View technology as first. But the adult industry had recognized the large potential many years later and published their first POV Porn in 1989. Which was based on the then very successful amateur porn, filmed in the absence of camera crews always by a character.

Example of an photography by means of the Pov technology
Example of an photography by means of the Pov technology

Since then there are hardly any movies which do without this kind of camera work, the adult industry is very fond of this technique and even awards every year the best pov porn by the "oscars for adults". The sales made through such movies must be huge because the number of sites that devote themselves to create such porns is increasing rapidly.